"Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Play Incredible Blues Guitar Solos Without Spending Hours On Mindless Scales And Exercises..."

World class blues soloing secrets and methods never before revealed anywhere will have you playing blues guitar like a pro in as little as two weeks...


Dear Friend,

Hi… my name is Griff Hamlin, creator of “Soloing Without Scales – The 4 Note griffphoto3Solo”, a revolutionary way for you to learn blues guitar.

I’ll cut right to the chase – here’s your chance to get the hand-holding, step-by-step guidance you need to play soulful blues solos over your favorite blues jam track… or even amaze your friends with your new found chops…. in as little as just two short weeks!

No… I’m not kidding – in fact, that’s assuming you’ve never played a solo before in your life.

You don’t need to practice scales hour after hour, get another blues book, buy another course, or even attend another seminar.

What you need is an expert to show you the ropes – someone who’s experienced what you’re going through… someone who’s willing to show you the easy way, and I do mean easy, to blues guitar success using only 4 notes!

This is not some lame book course or ebook.  Matter of fact, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s the absolute fastest and easiest way to accelerate your blues guitar playing and crank up your solos… Even if you’ve never played a solo before!

What You’ve Heard About Learning To Play The Blues Was Wrong

You’ve probably been taught that it takes years to learn blues with lots of practice, including playing your scales over and over, for hours on end…

Or maybe you’ve heard that you have to sit down with recordings of great blues artists and listen to them over and over again, painstakingly transcribing great solos… trying to pick out tasty licks that you can use in your own playing.

Look, you can’t totally escape scales because all music comes from them.

However, you can escape the ruts and patterns that lead nowhere when it comes to your playing.

After all, isn’t that why you play guitar in the first place? You come home from work excited to play guitar… not to work hard and learn scales… there’s nothing inspiring about that.

Now There’s An Easier Way To Learn The Blues

Let me tell you from my 23+ years of playing professionally and teaching guitar, that there is an easy way to learn how to play fantastic blues solos that will captivate your audience like never before.

So easy, in fact, you’ll wonder why no one has shown you this before…

Here’s How I Created This Amazingly Simple System…

About a year and a half ago I was teaching a good friend of mine guitar lessons….

He was good with his chords and had learned all of his pentatonic and blues scales well. He practiced hard, could play some transcribed solos, and learned all of the things that should have made him a great blues guitarist.

Even though he had the technical skills, he couldn’t make the leap from merely copying solos note-for-note… to improvising soulful blues solos on his own.

In fact, as soon as he started to improvise, he would go right back to the old “up and down” routine and the solos sounded like scale exercises again – or worse – he’d completely freeze up and get this look on his face… like a deer in headlights.

So after a few tries, I could see he was thinking way too hard. He was way too focused on “how” to play, but unable to let it flow and concentrate on “what” he wanted to hear coming out of his guitar.

I stopped him from playing… thought for a while… then I picked a small group of 4 notes on the top 2 strings of his guitar. They finger easily and he learned the pattern in less than 2 minutes.

I turned on a jam track and played a solo using only those 4 notes to demonstrate it could be done.

I gave him a shot at jamming away.  At first he looked pretty nervous… but once he got to playing… everything changed… and “Soloing Without Scales” was born!

I wondered if it was just a fluke. So I tried it again on another student…

This time it was another guy who had played rhythm off and on (well, mostly off) for years, but lacked the confidence to play lead.  I showed him the same easy 4-note pattern.

A few days later, he could play about 90% of the solo example I gave him. And when I turned on the jam track, he took a 12 bar solo and was jammin’ away.

Since he was only in my area on vacation, I only saw him for two weeks. But by the end of our time together, he was able to play lead over most of the fretboard in any key.

Since then I’ve showed more and more people this easy-to-learn system and knew I was on to something.

Now It’s YOUR Turn!

Over the last several months I’ve refined this incredibly easy-to-learn system to teach you how to play lead blues guitar.

It’s a system that’s simple to use and easy to follow too.

The steps are broken down into small pieces of only 4 notes each, followed by musical examples that give you practical ways to immediately use what you learn.

I call it…

Soloing Without Scales – The 4 Note Solo

Now I’d like you to experience Soloing Without Scales for yourself!

Guitarists around the globe have proven the simple methods I stumbled upon while teaching actually work… Now you can see for yourself!

It’s easy, fun, and guaranteed to work for YOU… regardless of your playing style or your current ability… and works in just a couple of weeks, not years!

Get your “Soloing Without Scales” course, check out the first DVD and follow along.

I promise that you’ll quickly improve as a blues guitarist… or you can return the course for a full refund.

Imagine the talents that “Soloing Without Scales” will open up in you… to advance your blues guitar playing, your soloing, even your own creativity and confidence too.

What You’ll Get With The “Soloing Without Scales” Course

You get a comprehensive course, which includes your 112 page Home Study Guide, printed and bound on high quality, heavy paper.

You also get 3 DVD’s jam-packed with video tutorials, examples and more… and you’ll also receive 2 CD’s with jam tracks and more to play along and learn with.

Here’s a detailed look at blues playing secrets you’ll learn…

  • Slurs and how to do them right. Hammer-ons, Pull-offs, Tweedlies, and Slides. These are the amazing secrets that allow legendary players, like Clapton and Stevie Ray, to pull off lightning fast bursts that seem next to impossible. Once you have this single technique down, your playing will be much smoother, much faster, and, most important, your playing will be a lot more impressive.
  • All about bends and how to use them. Eric Clapton has said one of the only things he still practices on are bends! These are one of the most critical skills to have in blues music. And when you know how to do them right, you’ll nail your bends time after time… just like a pro.
  • Grace Notes. These are the secrets of the legendary blues players. Grace notes are like the finishing gloss coat on a new paint job. Learn these and they’ll take your playing from “hey that’s nice” to “WOW!”
  • How to find and name every note on the fretboard. This is probably the most important skill you can have. You’ll learn how to do it in just minutes a day. Once you can name your notes easily, you’ll have the confidence to jam in any key at any time. With this skill you’ll be the guy that gets called up first to play because they know you’ll nail it and do a great job.
  • How to solo in any key. The world isn’t only made of tunes in E and A! With tips in this section, you won’t care what key the song is in… because they’ll all be easy for you to play in. You’ll even be able to change keys on the spot… and it won’t phase you a bit.
  • How to change between the major and minor blues sounds. This one method alone has transformed the playing of many of my students around the world and unlocked the secret of blues soloing for them.
  • How to string together small, easy ideas, to form longer phrases and licks. Learning to solo is a lot like a baby learns to talk. I’ll show you how to start small, but string those small things together to build powerhouse riffs and phrases. It makes sense and is easy to follow.
  • An easy to follow step-by-step system for you. You won’t have to wonder what to do next or where to start. Everything is sequential and each lesson builds on the one before it.
  • Every note played is in both TAB and standard notation. With the close-up camera angles on the right and left hands, you can easily see what I’m doing and follow along for yourself… It’s the next best thing to having me teach you in person. Not only that, but I’ve also transcribed every note for you in the manual. It will come in handy for reference when you need to double-check yourself.
  • You don’t even have to be able to read music. That’s right, you won’t have to learn to read music. My TAB is so simple and straightforward, you’ll know exactly where your fingers need to go.
  • You can learn at your own pace. You can take your time if you want, or you can blaze through it 3 hours a day. The choice is yours and there’s absolutely no pressure, ever.
  • How to play over funk, swing, shuffle, and minor blues grooves. This section will help build your playing experience. You’ll easily be able to adapt your blues style to fit into many other musical forms.
  • How to create soulful, melodic blues licks from just a handful of notes. The most common misconception is that you need a lot of notes and big scales to create cool melodies. Nothing could be further from the truth, and nothing could be holding you back more. When you learn how to make simple things sound good, you’ll realize how easy it can be.
  • How to change your approach over the IV chord. There’s one note that you can add and play over the IV chord that really rings. I’ll show you what it is and how to find it.
  • Dozens of classic “tried and true” blues licks. With 7 complete solos in the course, and hundreds of measures of music, I can’t even begin to count how many great licks you’ll have in your own “bag of tricks”… even after your first solo.
  • How to play solos that keep your listeners in anticipating your next lick. I’ll show you how to go “higher, faster, and louder” with your playing… giving you all the elements that keep audiences riveted, breathlessly waiting to hear your next note!

You will start improvising in 5 short minutes. You can actually be improvising within about 5 minutes… Really!… Just pop in DVD 1 and go to Lesson 4: “Blues Block 1.” It’ll only take you about 2-5 minutes (at the most!) to learn that pattern. Then put in CD2, Track 1, and let ‘er rip.

Some Video Examples From Soloing Without Scales

In this first example I’m explaining the first “Blues Block” pattern. This is the most common one and is used in nearly every blues solo I’ve heard.

In this next example I’ll explain the 3 most common bends found in all guitar music, not just blues

In this video you can see how I break down the solo examples into small, easy licks that you can master quickly.

With every one of the 7 solo examples you’ll get:

  • A complete walkthrough of every single note and lick on the DVD. You’ll discover how and why to play every note of every solo. This will keep you focused and on track to blues success. You won’t have to wade through any noodling or go off on tangents.
  • The complete TAB and standard notation for every note. The jam-packed 112 page manual contains every example and every solo, note for note. I’ve also gone to great lengths to avoid awkward page turns… and the CD & DVD tracks are all listed alongside each lesson and example so you can find them easily.
  • A demonstration of the solo at full speed. You can watch both of my hands close up and, with the TAB across the bottom of your screen, you’ll know which section I’m currently playing.
  • You’ll learn even when you’re not playing. You’ll get the audio version of the solo on the CD so you can play right along with me. I also strongly encourage you to listen to the solos, even when you’re not practicing. By doing this, your brain will soak up the solos and you’ll keep learning, even while driving to work or running errands.
  • A full-length jam track without the lead guitar. Once you you have the solos down, try playing along without the crutch of the lead track. You can play the solos you learn or make up your own.

This is strictly a “meat and potatoes” course for you. There’s no fluff, no filler, and no theoretical mumbo-jumbo anywhere.

This course will show you how to improvise blues guitar in the fastest, most straightforward and easy-to-learn way possible.

In no time you’ll be playing along with solos like these…

Or you could be jamming along with this example…

And that is only the beginning…

Here’s What A Few Successful Students Have Said About The “Soloing Without Scales” Course

I am now learning how to play…”

“This is the best course I have ever used. Its simple ,easy and most of all its fun. That’s the key to any course is to keep it fun. it is also well structured,and very well taught. I am now learning how to play in phrases and how to keep the music fun and exciting.

Keep up the great work. and thank you so much for what you do for all of us aspiring guitarists.”

- Joe Gauthier Epping, NH, USA

“WOW!! I can play something pretty cool right away…”

“WOW!! I can play something pretty cool right away You really have a gift of teaching and I can’t thank you enough for doing this so well and at such an affordable price. It proves you love music more than money!

When my nieces overhear me playing along with the first DVD lesson and say to my wife “Is that uncle Ken”? “He’s Good.” Thanks seems a little lame but THANK YOU!!!!”

- Ken Bucher Berryville, Arkansas, USA

“Easy to follow and fun to play…”

“After learning the Blues boxes I still had trouble sitting and just playing.

This course has helped me no end, easy to follow and fun to play, it’s great, thanks Griff. Anyone who want’s to lean guitar this is a great start, because it gets you playing straight away. Good fun.

- Allan Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Are these guitarists any different than you? No, they’re not. They represent professionals, amateurs, beginners and lifelong blues enthusiasts with the same passion to learn to play blues like you.

The only difference is they gave this course a try.

You too can experience for yourself what it’s like to jam away, playing blues solos better than you ever dreamed possible… pick up tunes in any key… and solo so fast your friends will think you made a secret pact like Robert Johnson at the Crossroads!

Okay, How Much Is Your Soloing Without Scales Course?

Actually, compared with what you get, it’s a lot less than you’d expect.

Listen, if you were to take private lessons, at $50 per half hour (my current rate,) you could easily spend about 6 months learning all the material in this course (and believe it or not, I still have private students that do it this way!)

At $50 per lesson X 4 lessons per month X 6 months… you’d be paying $1200.

If it took you a year to complete you’d be looking at a whopping $2400 or more!

But you don’t have to pay that much. You don’t even have to pay $500, $400, $300 or even $149.

My special offer for “Soloing Without Scales” is just $127!  That’s less than you’d pay for even 1 month of lessons with me… and we might get as far as the first solo example in that amount of time.

Why so low? Simple. For this introductory offer, I don’t want price to be an issue… But as soon as the orders get out of hand, then I’ll have to raise the price.

Besides, if you don’t like it for any reason you’ll get every penny back.

Just Say “Maybe” And Give It a Risk-Free Test-Drive For a Full 365 Days!

I’ll make you more than just a guarantee…

It’s my 365-day — that’s one whole year! — risk-free, love-it-or-leave-it, full money-back personal promise.

I honestly believe this is the most powerful, intensive and easy-to-learn course currently available. I’d want to be struck by lightning if I thought you were disappointed.

So here’s the deal…

Our 365 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

“Enroll in the Soloing Without Scales course today. Try it out for a full 365 days…one whole year!  Pull it, twist it, take notes, mark up your copy, and apply what you learn. Use every strategy and technique as many times as you’d like for 12 full months.If this course doesn’t deliver everything I’ve promised, or if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, just tell me and I’ll immediately refund every penny, including shipping, no questions asked.Not only that, but you can even keep the course as my gift for your troubles”

So Here’s What To Do Next…

Right now, while its fresh in your mind, click the big “Add To Cart” Button you see below to lock in this great deal and get on the fasttrack to blues soloing success as quickly as possible!

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Yes, – Please send me my copy of Soloing Without Scales – The 4 Note Solo for just $197, $177, $127.00. I understand that I’ll receive the entire course on 3 DVDs, 2CDs and the 112 page manual. I understand that I’ll also get lifetime access to the Blues Guitar Unleashed Member’s Forum.

I also understand that if for any reason I’m not satisfied with the course I can get a full and complete refund anytime within 365 days from today… and I don’t even have to send the stuff back

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“Enhanced my playing after only 2 weeks…”

“Congratulations and Thank you Griff on a deceptively simple yet effective course that has already enhanced my playing after only two weeks. Unfortunately work gets in the way otherwise, I’d be practicing all day. By the way, the course is easy to understand and fun to practice. I love the longer backing tracks to “play around” with the techniques. Thanks again.

- Gary McMahon - Dunsborough Western Australia

“Should have been done many years ago…”

“it really is something that should have been done many years ago, how come nobody else thought of it? I could have been a much more fluid player a long, long time ago.”

- Andy Evans - Oxford, UK

“This course is great…”

“I knew a lot of scales and modes and knew what went with what but I all had a hard time coming up wth a solo. This course is great. It has the guitarist thinking in small phrases and shows him or her how to get the most out of a little. This is just what I needed as it has slowed me down. I was thinking too much about the scales and modes and not what I was trying to say with a solo. Thanks Griff you are a great teacher.”

- Bob Figlo - Levittown, Pa


To your success,


Griff Hamlin

P.S. Don’t forget with this course you get 3 DVD’s jam-packed with video tutorials, examples and more + 2 CD’s with jam tracks + the 112 page Home Study Guide…

P.P.S. This is a no-risk deal for you. If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled with it, just let us know and you’ll get a prompt and courteous refund up to a full year from when you get the course. And you don’t even have to send it back!

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