Finding Notes...

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  • Kayode

    Reply Reply August 26, 2016

    This is nice… I like it

  • Steve Jones

    Reply Reply August 26, 2016

    I’ve played guitar for 53 yrs and have never been taught this approach to learning all notes. So when I tried it, I found I had a few areas on my fretboard on which I fumbled a bit.
    So, now I have a new skill to practice and know that my confidence will be boosted after a couple of weeks working on this drill. Thanks!!

  • Peter Williams

    Reply Reply September 1, 2016

    Hi Griff,
    I just wen through the video of finding notes, and I must say what a great idea. I have been playing for about 20 years and I haven’t been introduced to this before.
    I will be refreshing the notes again, cant thank you enough for your insights and great teaching style.
    Keep on rockin

  • Charlie Durham

    Reply Reply June 9, 2017

    Great video thanks

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